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Celtic Knot Corner Pattern



Welcome, this is the site of the artist Andrew Espie-Whitburn, and contains a gallery of Celtic, Christian, Wicca and Pagan works for both viewing and purchase. Andrews style is a blend between Celtic, Christian and Pagan designs, created in wood and designed and carved by himself. He has a great interest and passion for working in wood and for Celtic Knot, Christian and Pagan symbology, which drives his many designs in a modern interpretation of the past.

His main focus at present is making custom hand made wood books as journals, visual diaries, grimoires and book of shadows. Each book is bound using special screws to allow pages to be added and removed. He uses an alternative book binding method.

I hope you are inspired by my work and desire to purchase one of my many hand crafted creations or commission me to create something unique and specialised for you. Recently I have been making hand carved Book of Shadows for purchase.

Custom design and orders are welcome and time frames vary based on workload and postage destination, but usually 1 - 4 weeks.

Please contact me if you require assistance with purchasing or have any queries. Pieces that are sold can still be ordered but will not be exactly the same as each piece is hand made. To purchase an item, please send an email stating which work you would like to purchase (by title), and the postal address of where the piece is to be sent so postage costs can be determined.

A. Espie-Whitburn

I use Paypal for payments as it is fast and secure. To learn more about Paypal, click the image below:.


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